The Greeks set the man on his feet! NY Times 1975

“… For thousands of years ancient civilizations, such as those of the Persians, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, saw man as an abominable being crawling before deities and tyrants.

The Greeks, however, took the man and put him on his feet. They taught him to be proud …

The world is full of miracles, Sophocles said, but nothing is more wonderful than man.

The Greeks convinced man, as Pericles put it, that he was rightfully the possessor and master of himself, and created laws to safeguard his personal freedoms.

The ancient Greeks encouraged the curiosity that man had for himself and for the world around him, declaring together with Socrates that a life without research is not worth living.

The Greeks believed in perfection in all things, that is why they bequeathed to us the beauty that comes from the Parthenon and the Greek statues, the tragedies of Aeschylus, Euripides and Sophocles, the poetry of Hesiod and Homer, until painted vases of a simple household.

Without the Greeks we might never have realized what self-government is.

But, much more even than our language, our laws, our logic, our standards of truth and beauty, we owe to them the deep sense of human dignity.

From the Greeks we learned to aspire without restrictions, to be, as Aristotle said, immortal as far as possible … “.

(The New York Times, March 1975)

Greece Delphi Tours

Visit the “Navel of the World” DELPHI

One of the most imposing places of the world, the “Navel of the World” according to ancient Greeks. Just two hours from Athens, it is the natural “gateway” to the Municipality of Delphi and a favorite tourist destination. A World Heritage Monument according to UNESCO with the archeological site leaving an unforgettable experience in Greece (according to a survey by the Greek National Tourism Organization – NGTO).

Mythology and history meet at a stunning geophysical landscape that leaves the visitor breathless and floods him with positive energy. With a large hospitality, dining & modern shopping network, an extensive network of ancient and modern paths and located between mountain and sea, it constitutes the ideal base for discovering the splendid Delphic land.

In ancient times, Delphi was the most important pan-Hellenic oracle. It was listed among the 100 most sacred sites in the world. In the past, kings, mortals, politicians, and generals would flock here for a favorable oracle from god Apollo. The Oracle of Delphi has indelibly marked Greek and international history. Its first settlement dates back to the Mycenaean period (14th-11th century B.C.) and was the seat of the Delphic Amphictyony (6th century B.C.). The Sanctuary reached its peak of glory around the 4th century B.C – 4th century A.D. with the Pythian Games constituting their point of reference. The 1882 excavations brought to light the ruins of the sacred site. From 1883, the settlement is transferred 300m to the west, the current location of modern-day Delphi. [] ” Greece Delphi Tours By Exquisite Athens Private Tours

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