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The Greeks set the man on his feet! NY Times 1975

“… For thousands of years ancient civilizations, such as those of the Persians, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, saw man as an abominable being crawling before deities and tyrants.

The Greeks, however, took the man and put him on his feet. They taught him to be proud …

The world is full of miracles, Sophocles said, but nothing is more wonderful than man.

The Greeks convinced man, as Pericles put it, that he was rightfully the possessor and master of himself, and created laws to safeguard his personal freedoms.

The ancient Greeks encouraged the curiosity that man had for himself and for the world around him, declaring together with Socrates that a life without research is not worth living.

The Greeks believed in perfection in all things, that is why they bequeathed to us the beauty that comes from the Parthenon and the Greek statues, the tragedies of Aeschylus, Euripides and Sophocles, the poetry of Hesiod and Homer, until painted vases of a simple household.

Without the Greeks we might never have realized what self-government is.

But, much more even than our language, our laws, our logic, our standards of truth and beauty, we owe to them the deep sense of human dignity.

From the Greeks we learned to aspire without restrictions, to be, as Aristotle said, immortal as far as possible … “.

(The New York Times, March 1975)

Tips for your visit to Acropolis Hill !!

Tips for your visit to Acropolis Hill !! Useful information that will give you a big advantage when you will visit the Acropolis hill of Athens.  There is always a way to make the most out of your visit to popular archaeological sites, some small details that will make a huge difference.  Here are the […]

Delphi Tour

Delphi Tour

Delphi Tour one the most popular Greece tours

Private Delphi Day Trips From Athens

 It an amazing journey and a true Greek experience! Drive with our brand new Mercedes vehicles by the town of Livadia,  the village of Distomo, the Tomb of the residents of Karacolithos and one of the most beautiful village of Greece, Arachova we reach our final destination, Delphi.

 During your visit, you will see the sanctuary of Athena Pronaia, the Roman, the Athenian Treasury, the Royal Thrones, Theatre, the Stadium and the Temple of Apollo, Oracle, where priestess Pythia sat and gave her prophecies. Then you will then visit the spectacular museum of Delphi

Don’t miss it! Its a wonderful unforgettable experience


Private Athens Shore Excursions

Private Athens Shore Excursions

Private Athens Shore Excursions

Why to book with us your private Athens shore excursion from Piraeus port cruise ships?

In this small article you will find all the reasons why you should pre-book a private day-trip in Athens, if you are on a cruise ship trip and stopping to Piraeus. At first, you will know exactly what you are paying for the service, because sometimes “cheap” is much more “expensive”.   A professional, knowledgeable, experienced and kind driver-guide will wait just for you, right outside the arrivals, holding a sign with your name on. Your transportation method will be a spot clean and luxurious vehicle. You will start your tour immediately, without having to wait for other passengers. This way you will be way ahead of the big bus crowds and you will enjoy the sights much better. Furthermore, you will be able to visit places, such as Lycabettus hill and Plaka area, that the big vehicles do not have access or cannot reach. Apart from the above, you will visit all the places at your own pace and you will always have the option to alter your itinerary. You will enjoy a freshly cooked traditional Greek lunch, instead of touristic “plastic” food. The hole experience is personalised for you and after a while you will be feeling that a friend of yours is showing you around. If you choose to book for a private tour in Athens, you will not have to risk your precious time. You will not have to search around for transportation methods and the best spots in the city. After a trip like this, you will definitely be counting the time until your next visit to Athens, Greece. For all the above, …you don’t have to guess.. Be Sure that you Travel with the Best!

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Monastiraki, Plaka

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Exquisite Athens Private Tours Greece

Exquisite Athens Private Tours Greece

Exquisite Athens Private Tours Greece 2017

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