Top Things to do in Athens Greece

You can’t leave Athens if you don’t visit the 10 best highlights

Athens is been voted as one of the most beautiful & historical cities in the world

Athens is not economical CRISIS,  is one of the safest places on Earth to Travel and Love!

Athens has  a lot of thing to do. The most proper way it is with a private shore tour by locals, us!

With our Athens Acropolis sightseeing tour you will learn about our history, mythology and culture. You will eat like a Greek and you will have a great day.

Top 10 to highlights visit in Athens Greece

  1. The Acropolis Hill
  2. The Parthenon
  3. The New Acropolis Museum
  4. The Temple of Zeus
  5. The Panathenaic Stadium
  6. The Changing of The Guards
  7. Trilogy of Athenian Culture
  8. Roman Agora
  9. Ancient Greek Agora
  10. Plaka, The old city of Athens

and much more..

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